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 GTAIV PC Patch Patch Çıktı

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<b>Cinsiyet</b> Cinsiyet :
<b>Mesaj Sayısı</b> Mesaj Sayısı : 210
<b>Kayıt tarihi</b> Kayıt tarihi : 30/10/09
<b>Nerden</b> Nerden : İstanbul
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<b>Rep Gücü</b> Rep Gücü : 575

MesajKonu: GTAIV PC Patch Patch Çıktı   Paz Kas. 01, 2009 12:16 am


Why am I punished for buying an original copy of the game
whereas a friend who downloaded it from a torrent site is not? I still can't
figure it out... Furthermore, why is the installation process so

2) Anti-Aliasing Filter and DirectX 10

Anti-Aliasing is the ultimate dream of every GTA IV fan.
Unfortunately, DX9 doesn't allow simultaneous use of deferred lighting and AA.
Unless DX10 support is implemented, our dream will never come true.

Expansion Packs

Most PC games have expansions and additional content.
It could be "The Lost and Damned" and "The Ballad of Gay Tony" but not
necessarily. As long as we get more missions, buildings with interiors, clothes,
customisation and other fun stuff.

4) Mission Progress and Various

Many people report major problems with some missions due to
unfixed bugs. Some of those may force you to restart the whole game. We have
whole threads about each of those issues but I'm afraid they don't offer
anything besides "keep trying."

  • Dwayne phone call problem. Somebody forgot to playtest this one so we have
    to suffer.
  • Jeff (the random character) phone call problem. It seems he won't call if
    the game is saved between his 1st and 2nd mission. In addition, remember you
    have to wait a few days between missions.
  • Helicopter climbing in "Out of Commission" and "A Revenger's Tragedy."
    Completing these missions is close to impossible... it's actually a matter of
  • Kenny Petrovic ("Hangman's NOOSE" multiplayer co-op) has an IQ close to 60.
    He can't swim and often runs away from the players or dances in circles.
  • Niko's shadow is often missing when riding motorbikes.
5) Game
Instability, Crashes and Freezes

Memory leaks must be fixed.
Regularly occuring crashes and inablity to launch the game are among the most
common complaints on the forum. My game crashed twice today and I'm afraid...
that's an improvement.

6) FPS and Stuttering

Low or
unstable frame rate and long loading times ruin the experience for many users.
Further rendering optimisations are essential.

7) Flashing

Have you ever driven really fast on a highway? Then you
certainly know what I mean... Could you try to fix it, please? It's really

Cool Grainy Shadows

They're so grainy it's hard to
call them shadows.

9) Multiplayer Modding

Only ranked
matches should be protected and in custom matches the host should be allowed to
enable/disable mods.

10) Independence FM Audio File

At this point we can't even use WAVE files... not to mention
other formats.


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GTAIV PC Patch Patch Çıktı
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