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 Counter-Strike 1.6 v48 FULL + PATCH

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<b>Kayıt tarihi</b> Kayıt tarihi : 30/10/09
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MesajKonu: Counter-Strike 1.6 v48 FULL + PATCH   C.tesi Ekim 31, 2009 10:16 pm

Counter-Strike 1.6 v48 FULL with PATCH

Counter-Strike - one of the most popular multiplayer games for almost
10 years. In recent years, according to some analysts, there is a
downward trend in the popularity of Counter-Strike 1.6, because the
players are appearing more and more powerful PCs, allowing to run more
modern games with beautiful graphics and a new physics engine, makes
the game more realistic. Nevertheless, in 2006-2007, the trend has been
reversed due to the formation of "Counter-Strike" 1.6 the most popular
tournament discipline.

Many players around the world in no hurry to leave the ranks of players
CS 1.6, it is primarily associated with the already familiar gameplay.

The main idea of the game lies in the fact that the two groups opposing
each other - Terrorists (T) and the Counter-Terrorists (CT). There is
also an opportunity to observe each player from his eyes, or see the
map image with the target coordinates of the players on it (overview).

Purpose of the game CS - destroy all the players from the opposing
team, or do an objective of the game, which is different for each type
of card. After each rand, both teams receive the money that can be
spent on equipment. Winning team receives considerably more money than
the loser.

[Linkleri görebilmek için üye olun veya giriş yapın.]
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Counter-Strike 1.6 v48 FULL + PATCH
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